Anri of Astora
NG HP Souls
0 0 0
1 0 5000
2 0 0
3 0 0
4 0 0
5 0 0
6 0 0
7 0 0
Strike Weakness 100%
Slash Weakness 100%
Thrust Weakness 100%
Magic Resistance 25%
Fire Resistance 25%
Lightning Resistance 25%
Dark Resistance 25%
Bleed Immunity Susceptible
Poison Immunity Susceptible
Frost Immunity Susceptible


Anri is a knight hailing from the land of Astora. They are accompanied by Horace, an alleged member of the Blue Sentinels Covenant.


Anri is initially found at the second Road of Sacrifices bonfire, along with their protector Horace the Hushed.

They both can be summoned for the Deacons of the Deep boss fight, their summon signs before the steps leading to the fog gate. Anri can also be summoned for Pontiff Sulyvahn, his summon sign being in front of a prostrating statue to the left of the fog gate.


Anri's Straight Sword
The Elite Knight Set will become available to buy from the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine.

General Information

This character's gender is dependent on the player's: it will always be the opposite sex. For example, if you are playing as a male Unkindled, Anri will appear as a female knight, and vice versa. This aspect is integral to the character's storyline. Anri is also an Unkindled who is searching for the Lords of Cinder, but their main focus is defeating Aldrich, Devourer of Gods.

Gives the player a Ring of the Evil Eye if the player tells Anri about Horace's location within the Smouldering Lake. Beware that if you dont go and immediately kill Horace after telling Anri about him, Anri will be killed by Horace and the questline will break.

Anri's quest is quite complex and requires a few obscure interactions.


The tomb Anri leaves to Horace in Smouldering Lake


  • If you fail to kill the disguised Pilgrim in Yorshka's Church when Anri gets here, a dead Pilgrim can be found just outside where Gwyndolin's fog door used to be in Dark Souls 1, and only Anri's lifeless body will be waiting in the Darkmoon Tomb. If this occurs, you will have to attempt this ending in NG+.
  • Anri will not kill Horace. If you tell Anri about Smouldering Lake and leave Horace alive, you will later find Anri's corpse and his/her sword inside the cave where Horace is, at the end of the narrow tunnel.
  • In the case that Anri has progressed to Anor Londo, his/her request sign will not appear if Horace is still alive (though the Prism Stone mark will be there). You will have to go back to Smouldering Lake and kill Horace to progress the quest.
  • If you come back to Darkmoon Tomb after refreshing the area with bonfire, you will find the Pilgrim dead and can pillage Chameleon from his body. You can also loot Anri's Straight Sword from the altar. Upon refreshing the area again, Anri's body will be gone.
  • During the Usurpation of the Fire ending, Anri can be seen on the right among the rest of the holows. If bought the Elite Knight Set from the Shrine Handmaid, Anri will be naked for she/he has nothing to wear, otherwise he/she will be wearing the Elite Knight set. *this Note is wrong, only the gender of the player decides if Anri is holow/naked (male) or in amor (female)*
  • They wear the Elite Knight Armour from Dark Souls 1 whose owner was also from Astora. In Dark Souls 1, according to the cut content, that knight was supposed to have his own quest simultaneously and would occasionally meet the player to help each other in their quests.
  • Although Anri's voice changes to the opposing gender of the character model is always female, the clearest showing of this is during the 'wedding' ceremony when the camera pulls in close to Anri


Voiced by: Adam Sopp (male) & Lucy Briggs (female).

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