Aristocrat's Mask


Mask worn by the jailers of Irithyll Dungeon.
Noblemen delighted in its plump features.

The jailers were among the few survivors inhabiting the Profaned Capital, later serving under Pontiff Sulyvahn.
Perhaps the screams emanating from the cells help them forget their old home.


Drops from Jailers in the Irithyll Dungeon


Part of the Jailer Set

poise.png 4.6 sell_price.png 150
durability.png 400 weight.png 5.9
Physical Defence Elemental Defence
physical_weap_defence.png 5.3 magic_weap_defence.png 3.9
physical_vs_strike.png 2.2 fire_weap_defence.png 4.1
physical_vs_slash.png 5.0 lightning_weap_defence.png 2.1
physical_vs_thrust.png 4.9 dark_weap_defence.jpg 3.6
Requirements Resistance
strength.png - poison_resist.png 17
dexterity.png - bleed_resist.png 25
intelligence.png - frost_resist.png 17
faith.png - curse_resist.png 28
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