Antiquated Gloves
Antiquated Gloves
Antiquated Gloves Image
Poise 0.6 Durability 210
Weight 1.1 Sell Price / Soul Value 500
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 0.9 Magic Defence 3.3
Strike Defence 1.0 Fire Defence 3.7
Slash Defence 0.9 Lightning Defence 3.2
Thrust Defence 0.9 Dark Defence 3.6
Bleed Resistance 8 Frost Resistance 10
Poison Resistance 13 Curse Resistance 29


Long gloves sewn in a long-lost fashion.

The elaborately embroidered, ivory-colored silk is imbued with ancient magic power.

No protection is offered by this garment, as it was never intended for battle.


Found in a cave in Farron Keep next to the Golden Scroll.


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