Antiquated Plain Garb
Antiquated Plain Garb
Antiquated Plain Garb Image
Poise 0.9 Durability 210
Weight 3.1 Sell Price / Soul Value 300
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 3.7 Magic Defence 12.7
Strike Defence 3.1 Fire Defence 11.1
Slash Defence 2.7 Lightning Defence 12.2
Thrust Defence 2.4 Dark Defence 12.3
Bleed Resistance 30 Frost Resistance 25
Poison Resistance 47 Curse Resistance 60


Ordinary garb from an ancient land of sorcery.
The gold embellishments betray a faint residue of magic, but this clothing was never intended for battle.

When a mission visited the Ringed City long ago, one of its younger missionaries elected to stay behind. It was he who became the last recorded Spear of the Church.


Can be obtained on a corpse before the Darkeater Midir boss fight.


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