Desert Pyromancer Gloves
Desert Pyromancer Gloves
Desert Pyromancer Gloves Image
Poise 0.3 Durability 210
Weight 1.1 Sell Price / Soul Value 300
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 1.1 Magic Defence 3.0
Strike Defence 1.0 Fire Defence 2.8
Slash Defence 1.0 Lightning Defence 3.4
Thrust Defence 0.9 Dark Defence 2.9
Bleed Resistance 9 Frost Resistance 11
Poison Resistance 25 Curse Resistance 25


Gloves of the desert pyromancers, who once walked the halls of the Earthen Peak. It is said that the thin burgundy cloth breathes with magic

Desert pyromancers, most of them female, were known for their great fans of flame, and enchanting looks.

But what is enchanting can also be deadly, especially when clothed in such alluring garb.


Can be obtained to the right of the area where the skirt is located.


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