Dragonslayer Armor
Dragonslayer Armor
Dragonslayer Armor Image
Poise 17.3 Durability 420
Weight 14.4 Sell Price / Soul Value ?
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 14.0 Magic Defence 12.4
Strike Defence 12.2 Fire Defence 13.5
Slash Defence 14.1 Lightning Defence 13.5
Thrust Defence 14.1 Dark Defence 10.0
Bleed Resistance 64 Frost Resistance 43
Poison Resistance 40 Curse Resistance 36


Golden lion armor associated with Dragonslayer Ornstein, from the age of gods, and imbued with the strength of lightning.

In the dragonless age, this knight, who long guarded the ruined cathedral, left the land in search of the nameless king.


Found after the Nameless King boss fight, at the end of the arena.


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