Fire Keeper Gloves
Fire Keeper Gloves
Fire Keeper Gloves Image
Poise 0.2 Durability 220
Weight 1.3 Sell Price / Soul Value 500
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 0.8 Magic Defence 3.1
Strike Defence 0.9 Fire Defence 3.3
Slash Defence 1.1 Lightning Defence 2.9
Thrust Defence 0.7 Dark Defence 3.6
Bleed Resistance 9 Frost Resistance 11
Poison Resistance 15 Curse Resistance 23


Manchettes worn by the guardian of the shrine.

The Fire Keepers were robbed of light, to better serve as vessels for souls. Only those who cherish the writhing, searing darkness were given the keepers' black attire.


Found inside the Bell Tower behind the Firelink Shrine on a sarcophagus near the bottom. It can only be reached by jumping down from the upper entrance.


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