Grave Warden Robe
Grave Warden Robe
Grave Warden Robe Image
Poise 1 Durability 220
Weight 3.6 Sell Price / Soul Value 70
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 4.1 Magic Defence 9.0
Strike Defence 3.1 Fire Defence 9.0
Slash Defence 8.1 Lightning Defence 11.1
Thrust Defence 4.8 Dark Defence 3.6
Bleed Resistance 63 Frost Resistance 13
Poison Resistance 59 Curse Resistance 51


Rotting, tattered robe. Attire of grave wardens at the Cathedral of the Deep.

Grave wardens were tasked with disposing of the ever rising corpses that plagued the cathedral. Their clothes are utterly putrid, drenched in the blood and mucilage of their undertaking.


Dropped from Cathedral Grave Wardens.


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