Karla's Gloves
Karla's Gloves
Karla's Gloves Image
Poise 0.4 Durability 220
Weight 1.2 Sell Price / Soul Value 500
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 0.8 Magic Defence 3.5
Strike Defence 0.9 Fire Defence 3.3
Slash Defence 0.9 Lightning Defence 3.4
Thrust Defence 0.9 Dark Defence 3.4
Bleed Resistance 12 Frost Resistance 10
Poison Resistance 7 Curse Resistance 18


Glovesof the dark witch Karla.

These stained gloves is torn and odorous, telling of a long journey and even longer imprisonment.

It would be madness to wear such a thing.


Sold by the Shrine Handmaid for 5,000 souls after giving her the Prisoner Chief's Ashes or Karla's Ashes.


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