Knight Leggings
Knight Leggings
Knight Leggings Image
Poise 7.0 Durability 370
Weight 6.7 Sell Price / Soul Value 150
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 7.9 Magic Defence 4.9
Strike Defence 6.7 Fire Defence 6.2
Slash Defence 7.7 Lightning Defence 4.4
Thrust Defence 7.6 Dark Defence 5.4
Bleed Resistance 26 Frost Resistance 22
Poison Resistance 23 Curse Resistance 13


Leggings of a lowly knight, fashioned from solid iron.

These leggings might be on the heftier side compared to others of their ilk, but as such offer great physical absorption in exchange for their imposing weight. Do not think to wear it without the necessary vitality.



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