Outrider Knight Leggings
Outrider Knight Leggings
Outrider Knight Leggings Image
Poise 6.6 Durability 370
Weight 6.9 Sell Price / Soul Value ?
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 7.7 Magic Defence 5.5
Strike Defence 5.6 Fire Defence 6.7
Slash Defence 7.4 Lightning Defence 5.5
Thrust Defence 7.6 Dark Defence 3.7
Bleed Resistance 32 Frost Resistance 55
Poison Resistance 24 Curse Resistance 14


Armor of an Irithyll outrider knight.
Enveloped in a dimly cool air.

The knights were given the eyes of the Pontiff but the eyes transformed them into savage, raving warriors who only knew how to serve as mindless guards.


Dropped by the Boreal Outrider Knight in the Grand Archives.


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