Ruin Leggings
Ruin Leggings
Ruin Leggings Image
Poise 10.7 Durability 400
Weight 8.0 Sell Price / Soul Value 600
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 7.4 Magic Defence 6.9
Strike Defence 7.1 Fire Defence 6.2
Slash Defence 8.9 Lightning Defence 6.5
Thrust Defence 7.4 Dark Defence 5.5
Bleed Resistance 37 Frost Resistance 20
Poison Resistance 35 Curse Resistance 18


Leggings of the company of knights who were sent to the Ringed City on an old king's orders.

The knights sought the dark soul, but were so soundly crushed, they had little choice but to swear themselves to the Judicator Giant.

The ill-fated company was later immortalized in a dark fable, inspiring the aspect of certain golems in whom their name lived on.


The complete Ruin armor set can be found in the Ringed City, below the stairway next to the Mausoleum Overlook bonfire.


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