Slave Knight Gauntlets
Slave Knight Gauntlets
Slave Knight Gauntlets Image
Poise 2.0 Durability 350
Weight 3.0 Sell Price / Soul Value 200
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 3.3 Magic Defence 1.4
Strike Defence 2.7 Fire Defence 1.9
Slash Defence 3.3 Lightning Defence 1.4
Thrust Defence 2.5 Dark Defence 1.7
Bleed Resistance 20 Frost Resistance 12
Poison Resistance 11 Curse Resistance 7


Gauntlets issued to slave knights. The fine craftsmanship made this a symbol of honor.

Long ago, only the Undead served as slave knights, warriors used as fodder in the bleakest of battles.

They grew decrepit, their skin charred black and their bones twisted. Eventually they went outright mad, but were never relieved from duty.


In the Painted World of Ariandel, inside a house in the Corvian Settlement reached by dropping down behind the ladder leading to the bridges above the settlement. The same house is straight across the bridge from the bonfire.


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