Symbol of Avarice
Symbol of Avarice
Symbol of Avarice Image
Poise 5.0 Durability 500
Weight 11.0 Sell Price / Soul Value ?
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 4.9 Magic Defence 4.1
Strike Defence 4.8 Fire Defence 3.4
Slash Defence 4.5 Lightning Defence 4.8
Thrust Defence 4.2 Dark Defence 3.8
Bleed Resistance 27 Frost Resistance 27
Poison Resistance 27 Curse Resistance 22


Head of the avaricious creature that mimics treasure chests. Can be worn, if one so wishes.

Increases soul absorption from defeated enemies as well as item discovery, but the curse of the branded also drains HP.

The very form of this creature is thought to be a form of brand, a punishment for sin.


  • Boosts item discovery by 100.
  • Increases souls gained by 50%; stacks with other sources
  • Drains 10HP/second.


Dropped from Mimics.


  • Will not drain HP during invincibility frames, including rolls and critical animations.
  • Does drain HP while sitting at a bonfire. Be wary of going AFK while wearing this helm.


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