Winged Knight Armor
Winged Knight Armor
Winged Knight Armor Image
Poise 21.8 Durability 480
Weight 19.0 Sell Price / Soul Value 350
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 14.5 Magic Defence 14.0
Strike Defence 13.0 Fire Defence 13.8
Slash Defence 14.1 Lightning Defence 14.6
Thrust Defence 13.8 Dark Defence 16.0
Bleed Resistance 73 Frost Resistance 68
Poison Resistance 60 Curse Resistance 45


Armor of the Winged Knights, named for their appearance, who swore themselves to the Angels.

Worship of the divine messengers was viewed as heresy in Lothric and unrecognised by any of the Three Pillars of rule.

This is believed to be why Gertrude, the Heavenly Daughter, was imprisoned in the lofty cell of the Grand Archives.


The Winged Knight Set can be found behind an illusory wall in Lothric Castle. The wall is up the ladder from the room with the Winged Knight with Twinaxes.


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