Armor of the Sun Set


Iron Helm:

Large, durable iron helm, known as a heaume.

This helm with a red feather is said to have belonged to a Knight of Sunlight in a previous age.

The heaume has no particular powers, but is of fine quality, and appears to have been looked after with the greatest of care.

Armor of the Sun:

Chainmail armor and white coat featuring a large rendition of the holy symbol of the sun.

The choice attire of a singular Knight of Sunlight froma previous age. The symbol was painted by the knight himself, but the armor never bore any special power, sacred or otherwise.

Iron Bracelets:

Durable iron bracelets protecting the wearer's wrists.

Said to be the bracelets of a Knight of Sunlight from a previous age.

Has no particular powers, but are of fine quality, and evidently well taken care of.

Iron Leggings:

Chain leggings combined with iron boots.

Said to be the leggings of a Knight of Sunlight from a previous age.

Has no particular powers, but are of fine quality and evidently well taken care of.

General Information

The armor of Solaire of Astora, the Knight of Sunlight from the original Dark Souls.


The pieces of this set can be traded for with Pickle Pee:



Front and Back

Male - Front and Back

sunf.jpg sunb.jpg

Female - Front and Back

class="master-image" class="master-image"
Armor of the Sun Set
Iron Helm
Armor of the Sun
Iron Bracelets
Iron Leggings
Total Weight 22.5
Total Poise 20.42
Physical Absorption
Total Physical Absorption 22.278
Total Strike Absorption 17.793
Total Slash Absorption 22.115
Total Thrust Absorption 22.115
Elemental Absorption
Total Magic Absorption 21.171
Total Fire Absorption 21.171
Total Lightning Absorption 19.887
Total Dark Absorption 21.171
Total Bleed Resistance 83
Total Poison Resistance 71
Total Frost Resistance 77
curse.png 66
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