Cornyx's Set


Old Sage's Blindfold:

Attire of pyromancers of the Great Swamp, particularly favored by old sages.

The large blindfold blocks out unnecessary light, allowing one to observe a pyromancy's true essence.

The flame reveals all, and obscures all.

Cornyx's Garb:

Attire of Cornyx, pyromancer of the Great Swamp.

In the Great Swamp, it was customary to adorn oneself with articles of nature. Cornyx favored the use of raven feathers.

Ravens are said to have once been Firelink messengers, guiding the undead to the land of ancient gods.

Cornyx's Wrap:

Attire of Cornyx, pyromancer of the Great Swamp.
The bronze ornamentation serves to ward off evil spirits.

Cornyx's Skirt:

Attire of Cornyx, pyromancer of the Great Swamp.

This long skirt emulates those worn by witches, who were the forebearers of pyromancy.

General Information

The attire of Cornyx of the Great Swamp and Great Swamp Cuculus


The Blindfold is found together with Witch's Ring on an altar in the Catacombs of Carthus after climbing down the demolished bridge, right before the first bonfire in the Smouldering Lake area.

The rest of the set is either a drop from Cornyx of the Great Swamp or is found on a corpse in the Undead Settlement next to the cage where Cornyx is originally found.
It only appears if you have defeated the Old Demon King with the assistance of the white phantom Great Swamp Cuculus



Front and Back

Male - Front and Back

cornyxf.jpg cornyxb.jpg

Female - Front and Back

class="master-image" class="master-image"
Cornyx's Set
Old Sage's Blindfold
Cornyx's Garb
Cornyx's Wrap
Cornyx's Skirt
Total Weight 7.7
Total Poise 9.0
Physical Absorption
Total Physical Absorption 6.7
Total Strike Absorption 5.0
Total Slash Absorption 7.8
Total Thrust Absorption 5.9
Elemental Absorption
Total Magic Absorption 24.2
Total Fire Absorption 24.9
Total Lightning Absorption 23.2
Total Dark Absorption 24.2
Total Bleed Resistance 46
Total Poison Resistance 80
Total Frost Resistance 53
curse.png 168
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