Deserter Set


Steel Soldier Helm:

Typical helm for a Lothric soldier. Iron-made, but half fallen apart.

It is never unwise to wear a sturdy form of head protection against arrows and other somatic threats.

Deserter Armor:

Common soldier's armor.
Its insignia is worn beyond recognition.

This musty, rusted hunk of metal befits one reduced to thievery.


Deserter Trousers:

Common soldier's trousers. This musty, rusted hunk of metal befits one reduced to thievery.

General Information

The armor of a Lothric footman.


Dropped from Hollow Soldiers in the High Wall of Lothric.



Front and Back

Male - Front and Back

Deserterfront.jpg Deserterback.jpg

Female - Front and Back

class="master-image" class="master-image"
Deserter Set
Steel Soldier Helm
Deserter Armor
Deserter Trousers
Total Weight 16.3
Total Poise 14.1
Physical Absorption
Total Physical Absorption 20.2
Total Strike Absorption 17.6
Total Slash Absorption 20.1
Total Thrust Absorption 20.04
Elemental Absorption
Total Magic Absorption 14.2
Total Fire Absorption 15.4
Total Lightning Absorption 12.1
Total Dark Absorption 21.1
Total Bleed Resistance 98
Total Poison Resistance 85
Total Frost Resistance 82
curse.png 30.4
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