Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring


A special ring given to those who are deemed fit to undertake the journey of discovery in Vinheim, home of sorcery.

Greatly boosts sorceries.

Apropos to the Dragon School, the seal depicts an everlasting dragon. A bellowing dragon symbolizes the true nature of the consummate sorcerer.


Increases the power of Sorceries by 25%


Found in Irithyll Dungeon. Requires the Jailbreaker's Key to acces:
From the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire, proceed straight forward through the passage into the upper level of the cell block
Head to the right, following the path all the way to the barred window at the end
Open the window and drop down to find the ring on a corpse among the rocks

weight.png 1.0
sell_price.png 150
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