Black Leather Boots


Black dyed leather boots. Enables its wearer to hide in the shadows with silent finesse.

The wearer of this fine attire was admired by friends and enemies alike, for his skills were unmatched, and his heart was true as gold. As its new owner, you have quite the shoes to fill.


Purchased from Unbreakable Patches for 2,000 Souls

Sold by Shrine Handmaid for 2,000 Souls after giving her Patches' Ashes

Starting boots for the thief class


Part of the Black Leather Set

poise.png 3.2 sell_price.png 30
durability.png 260 weight.png 3.6
Physical Defence Elemental Defence
physical_weap_defence.png 4.8 magic_weap_defence.png 4.8
physical_vs_strike.png 4.3 fire_weap_defence.png 4.3
physical_vs_slash.png 5.2 lightning_weap_defence.png 5.6
physical_vs_thrust.png 3.8 dark_weap_defence.jpg 4.3
Requirements Resistance
strength.png - poison_resist.png 37
dexterity.png - bleed_resist.png 25
intelligence.png - frost_resist.png 31
faith.png - curse_resist.png 25
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