Black Serpent


Pyromancy discovered from the Abyss by High Lord Wolnir that inspired the black arts of the grave wardens.

Releases undulating black flames that trace the ground.

Be it sorcery or pyromancy, all techniques that infringe on humanity lead to the same place. That is to say, they all seek a will of their own.


Releases undulating black flames that trace the ground, dealing Dark damage


Transposed from the Soul of High Lord Wolnir by Ludleth of Courland

Black Serpent
Spell Category Pyromancy
Effect Type Offensive / Ground
FP Cost 19 FP
Attunement Slots Used 1 Attunement Slot(s)
Sell Price / Soul Value 0 Souls
Intelligence Requirement 15 Intelligence
Faith Requirement 15 Faith
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