Blood Gem


A gem of infused titanite.
Slurped by Irithyll slaves.

Used in infusion to create lacerating weapons.

Such weapons inflict lacerating damage.
Most effective with sharp or spiked weapons.


Infuses a weapon with the Bleed effect, allowing it to inflict Bleed status. Reduces STR, DEX, INT and FTH scaling, as well as reducing base damage.



  • Requires the Profaned Coal in order to infuse weapons with Bleed
  • Weapons infused by Bleed cannot be enchanted by spells or buffed by resins.
  • Upgrading it does not increase the bleed build-up per hit, but the bleed damage itself.
  • Luck increases the bleed buildup rate
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Maximum Held 99
Maximum Stored 600
Sell Price 300
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