Archdragon Peak Bonfire
Archdragon Peak Bonfire
Archdragon Peak Bonfire Image
Location Archdragon Peak

General Information

The first bonfire encountered in Archdragon Peak.

Getting There

From the Irithyll Dungeon Bonfire in Irithyll Dungeon, head deeper into the dungeon and past two Jailers across a bridge. Towards a third distant jailer, enter into a collapsed wall along the left, and drop down shortly after exiting. Exit the hallway past where a Crystal Lizard is found, then further deeper into the dungeon past Peasant Hollows and down a ladder or ledge to a Giant Slave. Inside the sewers past the Giant Slave filled with Hound-rat is a collapsed wall, leading to two Large Hound-rats and a room filled with Jailers. At the closest end of the room before the jailers is an exit by corpses of dragon men. Use the Path of the Dragon Gesture acquired from the Consumed King's Garden past Oceiros, the Consumed King to be warped into Archdragon Peak.

Alternatively, a shortcut elevator opposite the Crystal Lizard in the hallway detailed above will take you to the same area significantly faster, provided the path has already been opened.

Once inside Archdragon Peak, progress in either direction forward past many Serpent-men to find the bonfire on the cliffside before where the Ancient Wyvern may be found.



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