Demon Ruins Bonfire
Demon Ruins Bonfire
Demon Ruins Bonfire Image
Location Catacombs of Carthus

General Information

The second (or first) bonfire of the Smouldering Lake.

Getting There

From the Old King's Antechamber Bonfire, head down the staircase and into a large room filled with Smouldering Ghrus and exit into a hallway. After entering the large room with two Demon Clerics, take either staircase up (preferably the furthest staircase, as the closest leads to many Smouldering Ghrus). Past yet another Demon Cleric is a staircase up, leading to a hallway and then a room with the bonfire.

Alternatively, from the Abandoned Tomb Bonfire, head into the lake and to where the Carthus Sandworm may be found (towards the distant fog gate). Manage your way past it, and then climb the hill before Old Demon King's Boss fog gate. Down the staircase is the room with the bonfire.



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