Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire
Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire
Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire Image
Location The Dreg Heap

General Information

The second bonfire encountered in The Dreg Heap in The Ringed City DLC, and a location familiar as the ruins of the Earthen Peak from Dark Souls II.

Getting There

From The Dreg Heap Bonfire, drop down and fall off the collapsible stone past a summoner Murkman through the windows of what remains of the Grand Archives. Continue outside and past an Angel into a building with two Overgrown Lothric Knights, then head further down past the Pilgrim Pupa to find a Harald Legion Knight. Drop down at the ledge onto the markings, and then drop down once more, heading further straight to find the bonfire in what remains of Earthen Peak from Dark Souls II.



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