Pit of Hollows Bonfire
Pit of Hollows Bonfire
Pit of Hollows Bonfire Image
Location Undead Settlement

General Information

The Boss bonfire of the Curse-rotted Greatwood, directly by the Sacrificial Altar.

Getting There

Appears upon defeating the Curse-rotted Greatwood.

The Pit of Hollows may be entered before the boss has been defeated, albeit without the bonfire. From the Undead Settlement Bonfire, head past the building ahead and across the bridge to the right of the burning tree with an Estus Shard. Beyond crates outside a building is a path leading on top of a roof via ladder, and ahead of this building (below the roof) will be a Hollow Manservant wielding a Saw and an empty cage. Interact with the cage to trigger a cutscene to be warped to the pit.


The Pit of Hollows may not be entered before the boss has been defeated again if the player has slain Holy Knight Hodrick.


A tunnel would originally have lead outside the Pit of Hollows in place of the Sacrificial Altar in unused content.


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