Road of Sacrifices Bonfire
Road of Sacrifices Bonfire
Road of Sacrifices Bonfire Image
Location Road of Sacrifices

General Information

The first bonfire encountered on the Road of Sacrifices.

Getting There

Below the Cliff Underside Bonfire in Undead Settlement, head past the Hollow Manservants to the Giant's tower and take the elevator down to the bottom. Past the Boreal Outrider Knight is a set of double doors leading out to the bonfire and Road of Sacrifices.

Alternatively, the bonfire may be reached from the Dilapidated Bridge Bonfire, either reaching the same Hollow Manservants through the nearby sewers or by taking the path past the White Birch to the double doors before Curse-rotted Greatwood. Down the staircase past the double doors and along the path below will eventually lead to the same Hollow Manservants.


No multiplayer activity may occur in the area between this bonfire and the Halfway Fortress.


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