Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf
Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf
Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf Image
NG HP HP Souls Souls
0 2,791 & 4,193 60,000
1 2,794 & 4,197 120,000
2 3,074 & 4,617 132,000
3 3,213 & 4,827 135,000
4 3,353 & 5,037 144,000
5 3,632 & 5,457 147,000
6 3,772 & 5,666 150,000
7 3,912 & 5,876 153,000

The Gravetender:

  • Weak to Bleed
  • Susceptible to parries, backstabs, guard-breaking

The Greatwolf:

  • Weak to Fire
  • Weak to Bleed
  • Susceptible to staggering


Long ago, an Undead declared a fight. A fight to celebrate their undeath, and to preserve what remained of their souls. So it was that the Undead Matches were born.
This Undead Champion, wielding the Valorheart, fought on, without rest, until he lost his mind. In the end, only his page and a lone wolf stayed at his side. Now they tend to their late master's grave.

General Information

There are 2 instances around the Painted World where you encounter the Greatwolf, each time you defeat it, its health will be reduced in the actual fight.


In the Painted World of Ariandel.
To get to his location, first you need to destroy the rope bridge outside the Ariandel Chapel. Like the bridge outside Wolnir's boss room, it will become a ladder, which lets you descend to a lower section of the Painted World. After that, keep following the branches until you get to the bottom. Start from the bonfire down there, keep to the right and you will eventually reach him.






First, you will probably want to take out the wolves as soon as you can. They are not different from all the wolves you have encountered in the Painted World. Alluring Skulls might be helpful.

The Gravetender is essentially a human opponent - not all that different from an NPC invader (although he does not use estus). He has a very unique gladiator-like combat style which comes from his weapon - the Valorheart. He can block and perform an attack at the same time. His jumping attack, his stance R1 and R2, and his rolling attack are all performed behind the shield (stance R1 is the stab, and stance R2 is the shield bash). His shield bash is a guard-break attack. You can try trading with him if you have a beefy build with an ultra-heavy weapon.

Otherwise, a more technical approach is to rely on ripostes after you parry or guard-break him. You will have plenty of opportunities to guard-break him, because he can be guard-broken during his stance, or more precisely, during his stance R1, which he does all the time. A straight sword with a guard-break attack works great here. The trick here is to get the right distance between you and him just before you perform the guard-break. He can be guard-broken during the first half of his stance R1 when he is pulling the sword back, but he will *not* be guard-broken during the second half, i.e. when he is already thrusting the sword forward. As you step in during the guard-break, he will step in too, to perform a stance R1. So you will actually need to stay outside of the range of the guard-break attack. At the right distance, your guard-break should connect just before he actually makes the thrust. Alternatively, you can go for a parry. When he assumes stance, keep a good distance between you and him, then approach him slowly, or just let him approach you. Then when he stabs at you, parry him. In both cases, a good distance between you and him is important, not only so that you can actually guard-break him, but it also ensures that he will do the stance R1 and not the R2 (shield bash). He will not be guard-broken when performing shield bash.

The Gravetender also frequently does a jumping attack while running toward you. As he jumps, instead of rolling to dodge, you can just sprint around his thrust and then pull off a backstab. Sometimes though, he will do a regular running slash instead of a jumping thrust, and you will probably get hit if you just try to sprint around him. You can bait him into a rolling attack by throwing items (a firebomb, for example) at him, then parry him afterward.

Once his health drops to below 50%, the Greatwolf will join the fight. If the Gravetender's health falls into a certain window he will backstep then raise his sword as if he is summoning the wolf. This offers a chance for a backstab. However, if you burst him past this window (with a riposte or backstab, for example) he will not do it. He will just continue the fight normally while the Greatwolf enters. Or, if you keep engaging him aggressively and landing hits consistently, he will also not fall back at all.

Depending on how good your survivability is, it might be important to take out the Gravetender quickly before the Greatwolf starts attacking. The Greatwolf enters in the area in front of the fog gate, so if you lure the Gravetender to the area behind the gravestone further inside, you will have a bit more time to deal with him before the Greatwolf reaches you. When fighting with the Greatwolf, the Gravetender becomes much less aggressive. He will just walk slowly behind, occasionally harassing you with Great Soul Arrow or Snap Freeze. He also switches back to melee from time to time, but his attacks become limited to basic R1/R2, which makes parrying him easier.

The Greatwolf itself is not particularly tough, and does not have any attack that is particularly hard to dodge. It just runs around a lot. It has fewer attacks than Sif from Dark Souls I, though they might seem "wilder". During its charge attacks, all the fast running around and snow getting kicked up might make it hard to follow, but the charges themselves are fairly easy to dodge. When its health reaches ~60%, it will enter a "rage mode" and its eyes will glow red. You have a good window of time to score free hits when it is howling. After that, it will always follow up with a breath attack. Just stick close to its side and you will not be hit. Its attack patterns are pretty much the same, although it will mix in a breath attack from time to time. Sticking close to it all the time will greatly limit its use of breath attack, and also gives you chance for free hits if it performs the attack. Otherwise, the breath attack can be dodged by rolling through the ice blast. Just before the flow of ice hits you, roll straight into/through it and you should land safely on the other side as it passes you. The Greatwolf can be poise-broken fairly easily for a critical attack. It will be stunned for a considerable amount of time, enough for you to land a couple of free hits before going for the visceral attack.


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