Crystal Sage
Crystal Sage
Crystal Sage Image
NG HP HP Souls Souls
0 2,723 8,000
1 6,413 40,000
2 7,054 44,000
3 7,375 45,000
4 7,696 48,000
5 8,337 49,000
6 8,658 50,000
7 8,978 51,000
  • Weak to Lightning. (approx. 31% absorption on NG+7, tested with 400 pure lightning AR)
  • Weak to Fire. (approx. 30% absorption on NG+7, tested with 400 pure fire AR)
  • Weak to Dark. (approx. 30% absorption on NG+7, tested with 400 pure dark AR)
  • Can be parried whilst using it's rapier.
  • Can be Poisoned
  • Can be spell-parried.
  • Susceptible to Vow of Silence.
  • Susceptible to Twisted Wall of Light.
  • Bleed
  • Sacred Flame grabs the boss, enough FP or FP regen is sufficient to stop the boss from teleporting if used consecutively.
  • Resistant to Magic. (approx. 68% absorption on NG+7, tested with 400 pure magic AR)
  • None.


One of the members of the Crystal Sages, a spellcaster duo who are the students of Big Hat Logan.

General Information

This boss must be killed in order to gain access to Cathedral of the Deep, which contains the Deacons of the Deep fight, which gives the Small Doll, used to gain access to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

This fight is mandatory.


Found in the ruins near the Crucifixion Woods bonfire on the Road of Sacrifices.


  • Eygon of Carim, in the long corridor with two Sage's Devouts at the end that leads to the fight. The summon sign is found on the left side of the corridor. Note: If you have already defeated the Abyss Watchers, he will become unavailable, because he will be in Firelink Shrine. You will have to talk to him in Firelink Shrine, leave the area, then come back, so that he disappears from the area. After that, he will be available again for the fight.




Homing Crystal Mass: Summons a large, slow crystal projectile which tracks the player.
Crystal Volley: Fires a barrage of crystals into the air which rain down on the player. This is the only attack that can't be completely blocked by the pillars.
Crystal Seeker Missiles: Summons 5 crystal projectiles which fire off toward the player after a delay.
Crystal Laser: Burns a path along the ground toward the player.
Melee attacks: If the player is close to the boss, the Sage can swing twice with its staff then spear the player, picking them up off the ground and dealing a surprising amount of damage.


Crystal Spear: Fires a single large projectile at the player which does significant damage.
Rapid Fire: Fires a succession of smaller projectiles at the player for low damage.
Crystal Laser: Burns a path along the ground toward the player.


The Crystal Sage will attack you with crystal spells. Several of the spells can be spell-parried with a suitable shield, like the Golden Wing Crest Shield. Others such as the ground-based spell should be dodged.

The Crystal Sage himself is affected by Vow of Silence, meaning you can force him to use his rapier, which is easily parried, opening him up to a riposte. In the second phase, if you stand around the center of the area and cast Vow of Silence, you can affect most if not all of the illusions as well.

Phase 1

During this phase, the Crystal Sage will remain as one and attack you with spells. It is fairly easy to dodge them whilst attacking him. When attacked, the boss will teleport to another location, so get in as many attacks as possible before he recovers and begins teleporting. The crystals that spawn can help telling where he will teleporting, as he wont appear at their locations. He can start phase 2 as early as at around 65% HP.

Phase 2

During this phase, the Crystal Sage will split into multiple illusions. The blue versions of him are illusions, the purple one is his true form. Kill the illusions if you feel like you are under too much pressure from the spells, otherwise you can focus only on his true form. The illusions can be destroyed with a single attack, so it is possible to clear them up fairly quickly. Damaging the real boss will force him to disappear again, and the clones will disappear too. A bow can be very useful, as you can hide behind a pillar and snipe them out. Keep in mind, however, that the boss's Crystal Hail can still get to you. Throwing knives are also a good way to destroy the clones, as they are fast and can be used while running.

There is a slope behind the boss' starting location, to the right of the area as you enter. From up there, you are safe from a large portion of the area. If you have low survivability, you can stay on the slope and snipe down with a bow or crossbow. This way you can either take out one or two illusions, or damage the real boss directly without much risk.


  • This page is about the boss version. The non-boss Crystal Sage, encountered in the Grand Archives, can be found here.
  • All of the boss' spells seem to be magic damage, so wearing your armor/shield with the highest magic resistance is probably a good idea.
  • The boss does actually have a melee attack in the form of a short sword strike, which it will use if you press it at close range.
  • While the boss has one or more Crystal Seeker Missiles up, it cannot teleport away. This also means it cannot enter phase two.
  • Eygon is useless for the fight, as his IA is so slow he will never be able to land a single hit before the sage teleports, in addition he sometimes just stays in the middle of the arena doing nothing at all.


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