Curse-Rotted Greatwood
Curse-Rotted Greatwood
Curse-Rotted Greatwood Image
NG HP HP Souls Souls
0 5,405 7,000
1 15,444 35,000
2 16,988 38,500
3 17,761 39,375
4 18,533 42,000
5 20,077 42,875
6 20,849 43,750
7 21,622 44,625
  • Weak to Fire. (approx. 26% absorption on NG+7, tested with 400 pure fire AR)
  • Weak to Slash.
  • Weak to Thrust.
  • Fooled by Alluring Skulls.
  • Hitting its polyps until they burst will deal massive damage.
  • Resistant to Magic. (approx. 60% absorption on NG+7, tested with 400 pure magic AR)
  • Resistant to Dark. (approx. 58% absorption on NG+7, tested with 400 pure dark AR)
  • Most of his body is immune to damage.
  • None


An amalgamation of all of the stray curses from the Undead Settlement, sealed into a tree.

General Information

This is an optional boss fight, as one can simply access Road of Sacrifices from below the tower where Siegward of Catarina is located.

However, it is useful to kill this boss as it drops the Transposing Kiln required for making Boss Soul Weapons. It also guards the altar where Mound-Makers turn in Vertebrae Shackles.


Found near to the end of the Undead Settlement, in between the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire and the Cliff Underside bonfire.


  • None



Phase 1

During phase 1, hollows periodically spawn from the sides of the courtyard.

Stomp: The boss smashes the ground with the left or right foot.
Smash: The boss smashes the ground with the left, right, or both arms.
Swipe: The boss sweeps its left or right arm in an arc in front of it. Deals heavy damage if too close, otherwise can be blocked or dodged easily.
Lunge: Greatwood charges from a distance and attacks with its limbs. Difficult to dodge and very punishing if not blocked.
Rear Roll: Greatwood leans forward and then rolls back to crush the player behind it. Easily sidestepped.
Acid Rain: The boss shakes its branches to drop damaging organic matter in an area around it.
Acid Pool: The boss raises and then slams itself into the ground to create a pool of acid that seeps outward before dissipating. Deals light damage while standing in it.

Phase 2

The boss continues using all phase 1 attacks, but Lunge is replaced with Body Slam. The boss also grows another arm in front which is highly flexible.

Body Slam: Greatwood stands up and then lays down forward to crush the player. Easily sidestepped.
Grab: The fleshy arm tries to grab the player at mid-range in front of the boss. Deals heavy damage if caught.
Combo Attack: The fleshy arm swipes left/right, then the reverse direction, and then slams down on the player after a short delay.
Reaching Smash: The fleshy arm periodically slams down toward the player if too far away on the left or right side. Usually not difficult to avoid or block.
Spin Attack: The arm reaches sideways and anchors to the ground, followed up by the entire greatwood spinning on his axis. High damage and knockback.


In general, focus on attacking the egg sacs on the lower half of the Greatwood. Each time they burst they deal a large amount of damage.
Here is the full list of eggs that can be attacked:

Phase 1

  • On it's left hand. This will persist and can be attacked in phase 2 as well.
  • On it's left ankle. This will persist and can be attacked in phase 2 as well.
  • Groin. Destroying this set of eggs will trigger phase 2

Phase 2

  • Groin
  • Lower back
  • Upper right thigh
  • Any remaining damage can be done to his hand.

Phase 1

Focus the egg sacs, avoiding the leg attacks and the hollows that periodically spawn. When the egg sacs on the lower front of the boss are destroyed, phase 2 will begin with the boss shattering the courtyard and dropping into a cavern.

Phase 2

Hollows no longer spawn during this phase, but the boss grows an additional limb that can be deadly. Continue to focus the egg sacs, avoiding the leg attacks and the grab attack from the arm which has a massive hitbox. If you run out of egg sacs to hit, you can also deal damage to the new arm after dodging its attacks.


The boss takes a moment to begin attacking once activated. The frontal egg-sacs can be destroyed during this window, allowing you to immediately begin phase 2. However, if you don't have any trouble dealing with the hollows, you may want to stay in phase 1 longer.

For the second phase, start by destroying the egg sacs on the boss' left hand and rear. These two areas are mostly safe. Just watch out for the backward roll attack, signaled by the boss leaning forward while you are behind it. After those are destroyed, stay toward the boss' right side and poke at the front and/or the fleshy arm when it's safe. When the boss uses the standing-up frontal body slam, the egg sac on the right elbow becomes an easy target. At this point the boss should be very low on health — just keep dodging frontal attacks and stay out of the fleshy arm's grab zone while whittling away at the remainder.


  • The fight will not start immediately upon entering the room. This means that on your first attempt at the boss any summoned phantoms will not be able to enter the boss area until the tree has been awoken. There will be a fairly large group of hollows in a clearing. Killing enough hollows will aggro the boss. Alternatively, running right up to the tree will start the fight.
  • If the Curse-Rotted Greatwood is aggroed before joining the Mound-Makers, the covenant becomes inaccessible until Sirris of the Sunless Realms's questline is advanced. Helping her defeat an invader grants secondary access to the covenant.
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