Deacons of the Deep
Deacons of the Deep
Deacons of the Deep Image
NG HP HP Souls Souls
0 4,099 13,000
1 8,796 52,000
2 9,676 57,200
3 10,116 58,500
4 10,556 62,401
5 11,435 63,700
6 11,875 65,000
7 12,315 66,300
  • Resistant to Dark. (approx. 59% absorption on NG+7, tested with 400 pure dark AR)
  • Resistant to Magic. (approx. 62% absorption on NG+7, tested with 400 pure magic AR)
  • None


Of the three Archdeacons of the Deep, one stood over Aldrich's casket, with hope that he would return one day.

— Description of Archdeacon Holy Garb

General Information

The Deacons of the Deep hold the Small Doll. Defeating them will grant the Small Doll to the player, allowing access to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.


Found at the end of the Cathedral of the Deep. The closest bonfire is Rosaria's Bedchamber.




Phase 1


Slash: slashes at the player with their candlestick.
Fireball: fires a ball of fire at the player from distance.
Force: emits a sphere of force from their centre. Only done by the fat deacons.

Phase 2


Slash: slashes at the player with their candlestick.
Fireball: fires a ball of fire at the player from distance.
Force: emits a sphere of force from their centre. Only done by the fat deacons.
Emit Curse: emits curse upwards, allowing Archdeacon Royce to use his curse attacks.

Archdeacon Royce:

Slash: slashes at the player with their candlestick.
Cursed Orb: fires a orb of curse at the player.
Cursed Wrath: uses the collected curse from the deacons to instantly curse the player, ending the fight.


During this fight large, sweeping weapons are recommended to deal with the large amount of enemies. The enemies will generally stay in a close formation. It can be useful to bring Repair powder as focusing too much on the unmarked deacons can drain durability.

Also, Alluring Skulls make this fight a lot easier. How many Skulls you want to save for the second phase depends on how good your damage is. When the Archdeacon appears, throw a Skull, land a few hits on him, then throw another Skull - rinse and repeat until he is down.

Phase 1

During this phase in order to inflict damage to this boss, the inflamed deacon must be killed. The flame will pass when the marked deacon is killed or with time. Once the flame is passed to the Archdeacon, the next phase will begin (around 65% boss health).

Phase 2

During this phase, the flame has been passed to the Archdeacon who is accompanied by powerful sorcerers who can channel a curse and attack with projectile magic. Each hit on the Archdeacon will further reduce the health bar of the boss, but the larger deacons will jump at you when you hit him. You can interrupt the curse buildup by staggering or killing one of the tall, dark caster enemies who channel it. Beware of the dark orb when it starts to appear above the Archdeacon. It is not particularly difficult to dodge, but does heavy damage if not avoided. The orb can go through the pillars, including the great pillar in the middle of the room.

Unless you can burst down the boss quickly, otherwise you might want to take out the deacons in blue robe as soon as possible, since they can cast healing spell.

Quick Melee/Iron Flesh Strategy

Phase 1

This phase is not particularly difficult. Just circle around the mob of deacons and wait for the flaming one to stand reasonably close to the edge of the crowd, then attack. It's not a good idea to try and hack through too many regular deacons to get to the flaming one as they'll quickly gang up on you. Avoid the fireballs as you circle - the Dragon Crest Shield helps with this, but they're not hard to dodge if you don't have the shield.

Phase 2

Once the deacons' attacks ramp up in this phase, it becomes extremely tough to survive as it's easy to get cursed and they'll keep healing the Archdeacon. Therefore your best bet is to kill him as quickly as you can. As soon as he is summoned, run up to him, cast Iron Flesh and hit him with your best melee weapon. Heal as needed and just keep hacking away until he's dead. This works with 20 Vigor and the Fallen Knight Set, for example, so you don't need extreme tank stats/equipment to do it.


  • The actual boss is called Archdeacon Royce, the rest of the congregation are the deacons of the Deep.
  • The HP value in the infobox is solely for Archdeacon Royce in Phase 2. The other deacon's HP can be found here here. Their soul count will be 0 however.


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