Dragonslayer Armour
Dragonslayer Armour
Dragonslayer Armour Image
NG HP HP Souls Souls
0 4,581 64,000
1 5,456 128,000
2 6,002 140,800
3 6,275 144,000
4 6,548 153,600
5 7,093 156,800
6 7,366 160,000
7 7,639 163,200


The armour of an unnamed dragonslayer who served and had a close connection with Gwyn's firstborn and Dragonslayer Ornstein, animated by the Pilgrim Butterfly.

General Information

The Dragonslayer Armour stands guard to the entrance to the Grand Archives.

This fight is mandatory.


Found in Lothric Castle, just before the Grand Archives. The closest bonfire is the Dragon Barracks.




Phase 1

The boss Will perform 2-3 hit combos with both his axe & shield, including jump attacks. Most prominent are a straight on jump attack with the axe followed quickly by a shield bash, & a combo of back & forth axe swings followed by an overhead swing.

Phase 2

The boss collapse for a moment when entering phase 2, but soon stand up again with a Force like roar. His shield bash now becomes deadlier with the added lightning damage. Also, aside from all the attacks from the first phase, he will frequently mix in one or two powerful two-handed attacks. He will hold his axe with both hands to perform one of the following attacks: 1. he lunges forward and sweeps the axe in a very wide arc, 2. he slams his axe down, then performs a slash that fires off a fast air blade, 3. he grinds his axe along the ground while charging toward you, then performs a powerful uppercut, which may be followed up by an overhead smash, and 4. he leaps into the air to slam down on you. During this phase the two Pilgrim Butterflies nearby will occasionally spew a volley of fireballs, a laser, or a big orb of energy at you from either side of the battlefield. The small orbs do not deal a lot of damage individually, while the delayed burst from the laser and the big orb are much deadlier.


Most of the boss' attacks are not fast, but what makes him challenging is that he has a lot of followups that he can do to punish opportunistic attacks, catching you by surprise, especially during the second phase of the fight. It might take some time to get used to his different followups, but then they can be dodged consistently as long as you expect them any time you punish him. If your weapon is fast enough, after rolling through his combo, you can do a rolling attack, then immediately roll again to dodge the followup. Using a fast weapon helps a lot in the second phase.

In the second phase of the fight, he will occasionally do a two-handed attack. Once he starts crouching and two-handing his axe, he can do four different attacks. If you see him prepare the attack and are close enough, run behind him. It is easier to dodge the incoming attack if you stay directly behind him the moment he performs the attack. When you are far away, he will most likely use the ranged air slash.

There is a platform with a statue on top in the arena, just behind the boss' starting location. This can be used to stop his advancing during his combos and keep distance between you and him.

The boss can be guard-broken if he takes enough stamina damage while holding up his shield. Kicking his shield 2 or 3 times should work, although most likely he will not simply let you do that. He will be staggered and will take extra damage from attacks. He can also be poise-broken if you "poise-damage" him fast enough (land enough hits in a short period of time). He will drop to one knee and become vulnerable for a few seconds. He cannot be critically hit, however.

The two Butterflies will throw a random attack at you at the same time every 40 seconds or so. There is an audio cue when they are about to launch an attack. In a drawn-out fight, the big orb of energy is potentially the deadliest since it has a larger blast radius than it appears, does heavy damage, but moves very slowly, so it tends to catch you by surprise.


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