High Lord Wolnir
High Lord Wolnir
High Lord Wolnir Image
NG HP HP Souls Souls
0 7,052 22,000
1 13,010 88,000
2 14,312 96,800
3 14,962 99,000
4 15,613 105,601
5 16,914 107,800
6 17,564 110,000
7 18,215 112,200
  • Weak to Blessed weaponry.
  • Dealing damage to his shackles will eventually break them, dealing massive damage to Wolnir.
  • Pestilent Mist does not aggro Wolnir, thus allowing you to kill him without even the boss health bar appearing if you have enough FP.
  • Hitting parts of him other than his shackles does minimal damage.

Magic absorption: 46%
Lightning absorption: 57%
Fire absorption: 49%
Dark absorption: 79%
Tested on NG+7 with 400 pure AR.

  • None.


High Lord Wolnir was once the ruler and conqueror of Carthus until he fell to the Abyss, becoming the monstrosity he is now. He is stated to have been a pyromancer in life.Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome

General Information

The High Lord of Carthus, Wolnir resides at the end of the Catacombs of Carthus across the decrepit wooden bridge that hangs over Smouldering Lake.

This fight is mandatory.


Found at the end of the Catacombs of Carthus. He is trapped within the goblet found in his throne room, to access his boss fight you must use the goblet.


  • None



  • Breath attack: Straightens up and opens his mouth, pouring forth a billowing cloud of black smoke. Extremely lethal if caught in it. Doesn't damage if close (near hands) or far (beyond the cloud).
  • Forward smash. Done with either hand (usually right), but most often with both. Safe spot in front of his head, between the arms. Single arm smashes can be followed up with a similar attack.
  • Summon minions: Raises left arm, waves his fingers, then hits the ground. Summons multiple skeletons, which increase in difficulty the lower health the boss is. With no bracelets broken it will mostly be generic skeletons, but as it gets lower it can summon the special skeletons of the catacombs including the shotel-wielding skeletons and bonewheels. His own attacks are incredibly lethal to his summoned skeletons.
  • Summon golden dagger: Raises his right arm to the center in front of him, then conjures a golden blade. He can deliver some attacks with the blade, mostly while crawling forward he will be able to hit anyone unfortunate to be in its way.
    • When he's done with his dagger he will point it to the ground and shove it in, unleashing a radiant gold explosion with high range and damage. The damage is done all at once, just as the hilt impacts, making it easy to dodge with a roll.
  • Crawl forward: If the player retreats too far from the king, he will collect himself before crawling forward. Deals damage with his hands while moving. After a few of these cycles the players will hit a wall, making further retreat impossible.
  • Dark Aura: The king's ribcage is covered in a dark fog, inflicting constant AOE damage to nearby enemies, similar to his breath attack. When doing smash attacks with his left arm, he often pulls his right arm into the radius of the fog, making it risky to attack. He may also pull you into the fog with his arm on the backswing of some attacks.


This fight can be done easily in two parts. Firstly staying next to his left hand and destroying the two golden bracelets on it will do two thirds of his health in damage.

Then, there is a little spot between his right arm and body where he cannot harm you in any way. Including the ability where he sprays gas outwards in the room. By destroying the bracelet on that arm the fight is completed easily.

Be wary of skeletons that he summons however, he also damages them more often than not. Be careful about his personal AOE damage around his ribcage, as it shifts with him, changing the safe zones as he goes through his attacks.


  • Moving into the fog behind Wolnir results in almost instant death; remain in front of him (preferably between his arms) to avoid it.


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