Old Demon King
Old Demon King
Old Demon King Image
NG HP HP Souls Souls
0 5,301 25,000
1 7,745 75,000
2 8,520 82,501
3 8,907 84,375
4 9,294 90,000
5 10,069 91,876
6 10,456 93,750
7 10,843 95,625

Magic absorption: 33%*
Lightning absorption: 33%*
Fire absorption: 95%*
Dark absorption: 30%*



The last remaining demon who saw the birth of the Chaos flame.

General Information

This fight is optional.


He can be found at the back of the cavern in Smouldering Lake, near to the Demon Ruins bonfire.

To access Smouldering Lake, you need to attack the wooden bridge preceeding High Lord Wolnir's throne room. Wait for it to settle and descend to reach the cavern.




Phase 1

Swing: he swings his club down and across the room, towards the player.
Great Combustion: when the player is directly in front of him, he will cast Great Combustion. This spell is very fast.
Flame Breath: he spews fire outwards from his mouth in a cone-like shape, moving the stream towards the player until he finishes.
Summon Meteors: Starts waving club in the air. Five seconds later, meteors will begin to fall and drift towards the player's location.
Flame Wave: he knocks the base of his club on the ground several times. During the last two or three knocks a small bit of flame appears in a circle a short distance from him, becomes lava-like and moves towards his center then goes back out.

Phase 2

Once below 20% health, he will stop attacking and collapse slightly. After 5 seconds he will emit a massive fiery shockwave, dealing heavy damage if the player is within the shockwave.

Collapse: he will collapse further, dealing minor damage in a shockwave around him.


  • As the boss has no catch-up mechanics like a jump or a charge, you can kill him with a bow relatively trivially without getting hit.
  • His breath attack works similarly to that of The Old Iron King. If you have under 30% equip load you can roll through it easily, but any higher and you risk taking damage unless your roll is perfect.


  • It is possible to glitch the boss, by staying in the doorway. He will get stuck in the wall, use ranged attack to kill.

* Tested with 400 pure attack rating of the type on NG+7.

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