The Demon Prince
The Demon Prince
NG hp.png HP poise.png Poise souls.png Souls
0 7,045 210.00 100,000
1 7,151 210.00 200,000
2 7,866 221.05 220,000
3 8,223 233.33 225,000
4 8,581 247.05 240,001
5 9,296 262.50 245,000
6 9,654 300.00 250,000
7 10,011 350.00 255,000
Physical Absorption
physical-def.png Standard 0%
strike-def.png Strike 1%
slash-def.png Slash -18%
thrust-def.png Thrust -2%
Elemental Absorption
magic-def.png Magic 20%
fire-def.png Fire 78%
lightning-def.png Lightning 22%
dark-def.png Dark 17%
bleed.png Bleed Susceptible
poison.png Poison Immune
frost.png Frost Immune


Before Lorian embraced his brother's curse, he was a knight who single-handedly slayed the demon prince, but the victory eternally scorched his sword with flame.

— Description of Lorian's Greatsword

The demons, birthed from a common Chaos, share almost everything between them, even the pride of their prince, and his near-faded flame.

So that the last demon standing may rekindle it.

— Description of the Soul of the Demon Prince

General Information

The revival of the great Demon Prince at the converging of the world.

This fight is mandatory (TRC).


The Dreg HeapTRC


Item Drops


Demon From Below starts empowered and attacks first with a Distant Leap, and Demon in Pain becomes empowered shortly after.

  • Claw Swipes: A horizontal sweep with claws, this attack can lead into a combo, sometimes ending with an Overhead Smash.
  • Claw Uppercut: A delayed vertical swipe, the Demon grinds claws against the ground quickly slashing upwards.
  • Overhead Smash: A heavily damaging delayed attack.

Empower: Roars and covers self aflame.

  • Distant Leap: Jumps a large distance and slams down.
  • Frenzied Slashes: A series of alternating slash attacks, ending in a backwards swipe with the left claw.

Burn-out: Slams down and creates an explosion of Fire, and then rests.

  • Toxic Burst: Creates a long distance line of bursting magic across the ground, and can build up Toxic.
  • Toxic Breath: Breathes toxin outwards from left to right.
  • Toxic Spit: Spits several balls of toxin towards the player, covering the area in front of them with a toxic cloud for a short time.

Phase Transition: The last killed Demon rises up and creates a shockwave of fire.
Phase 2 will have one different attack depending on which Demon is killed last.

  • Demon in Pain will produce the Meteor Prince.
    • Meteors: Summons Floating Chaos orbs, before jumping away and creating meteors upwards that eventually land and explode.
      • Orbs are susceptible to Alluring Skulls, one lasts the duration.
      • Poise is lowered as they create meteors, allowing for an easy stagger.
  • Demon From Below will produce the Laser Prince.
    • Laser: Covers the arena with a laser that leaves lava, before creating an AoE and producing a near perfect tracking laser in front of them.
  • Gust: Flies away while shooting a gust of wind that knocks down in front of them. Always followed by Meteors/Laser.
  • Fireball: Flies up before throwing a fireball that forms lava.
  • Slam: Flies up before slamming down with an explosion.
  • Claw Drag: Flies up before dragging claws across the ground, creating lava.


Demon Prince : How to guide



  • The Demon Prince rarely may spawn in Phase 2 with only 1 HP.
  • It is possible for the Demon Prince to clip through the wall, fall, and die.


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