The Demon Prince
The Demon Prince
The Demon Prince Image
NG HP HP Souls Souls
0 7,045/7,045 → 7,045 100,000
1 7,151/7,151 → 7,151 200,000
2 7,866/7,866 → 7,866 220,000
3 8,223/8,223 → 8,223 225,000
4 8,581/8,581 → 8,581 240,001
5 9,296/9,296 → 9,296 245,000
6 9,654/9,654 → 9,654 250,000
7 10,011/10,011 → 10,011 255,000
  • Weak to Black knight weapons
  • Weak to Bleed.


The Demon Prince was slain single-handedly by Prince Lorian, leaving the prince's sword eternally scorched with flame.
The demons, birthed from a common Chaos, share almost everything between them, even the pride of their prince, and his near-faded flame. So that the last demon standing may rekindle it.

General Information

Required to progress past The Dreg Heap. Soul Level 80+ recommended.

Phase 1

Starts as Demon in Pain and Demon from Below.

Phase 2

Will appear from the body of the second demon you killed. Moveset depends on the demon killed last.


The Dreg Heap


Slave Knight Gael, near the bonfire, if you have encountered him in the Painted World of Ariandel.

Lapp, near the cliff.

After extensive testing, it can be confirmed that when summoned, both phantoms will attack the Demon from Below first.


Soul of the Demon Prince


Phase 1

During the first phase, both Demons share several melee attacks.

Claw Swipes: A horizontal sweep with claws, this attack can lead into a combo, sometimes ending with an Overhead Smash.
Claw Uppercut: A delayed vertical swipe, the Demon grinds claws against the ground quickly slashing upwards. May catch early rolls.
Overhead Smash: A heavily damaging delayed attack.

Other attacks depend on whether the Demon has empowered themselves and is wreathed in flame.

While empowered the Demons become much more aggressive, closing gaps and using melee combos.

When the fight begins the Demon From Below will start empowered. The Demon In Pain will charge up and empower itself shortly after.

Other attacks include:

While empowered (Flaming)

Distance Leap: The opening move of the Demon From Below. Either Demon may use this to close large distances while empowered.
Frenzied Slashes: A series of alternating slash attacks, ending in a backwards swipe with the left claw. May catch rolls.
Fiery Smash: A variation on the regular Overhead Smash which has an explosion at the end. Afterwards the Demon will be momentarily exhausted and defenseless. This attack will return the Demon to a unempowered, non-flaming state.

While unempowered (Burnt-out)

Toxic Burst: Creates a long distance line of bursting magic accross the ground. Inflicts damage and Toxic.
Toxic Breath: Breathes toxin outwards from left to right. Inflicts damage and Toxic. Leaves the Demon open to attacks.
Toxic Spit: Spits several balls of toxin towards the player character which explode, dealing damage and Toxic.


Throughout both phases of this fight the Demons are susceptible to bleed and visceral attacks.
They are also weak to Black Knight weapons and attacks to the head. Heavy damage to the demons will open them up for a visceral attack, though without a high enough AR or the Hornet Ring equipped you might be better served by avoiding the visceral animation.

Bleed can proc quickly within 2-3 hits of Dorhys' Gnawing, though it may be less consistent with melee application.

Phase 1

After some attacks, like the Fiery Smash, the Demons may become exhausted for a moment. Use this opportunity to strike them multiple times.

Throughout phase 1 the Demons will change their state multiple times. When they are both empowered it is recommended to keep your distance and wait for one to become unempowered, since it is very difficult to attack while dodging both demons' attacks.

It is recommended to kill the Demon in Pain first, as the laser attack from the Demon from Below Demon Prince is much easier to dodge and punish than the Demon in Pain Demon Prince's special attack.

Focus on the empowered demon when one is unempowered, since the empowered demon's attacks are harder to dodge, so should be focused on.

Phase 2

Fight the Demon Prince at close range; while he has powerful attacks, they are easy to read and do not hit behind him. A few of his moves do allow him to pivot, including one at the end of his stomping charge that creates a fire similar to the Black Serpent pyromancy. If you are ever in front of him, roll between his legs.

The Demon Prince has a special move depending on which demon he revived from, signalled by a large backwards leap that produces a gust of wind that causes knockback but no damage.

If reviving from the Demon from Below, he uses a two stage laser dealing fire damage. The first laser moves in a zigzag pattern in front of him. Then, after a short delay, the prince will fire a direct laser with good tracking. These attacks cause massive damage, but can be avoided entirely by getting behind him. Roll through the gust of wind and chase him down aggressively if you see this happen. Bear in mind that the second laser is accompanied by a weak area-of-effect attack that hits behind him.

When revived from the Demon in Pain, the Demon Prince produces two hovering fireballs before his gust attack. These spray volleys of additional fireballs with moderate tracking. He can be attacked safely while doing this.

He then begins to charge a massive meteor shower that is unavoidable unless the prince is staggered during casting. Staggering the prince is easy during this move, but it is safest to focus on dodging the homing fireballs before exposing oneself to interrupt him - there is ample time to do this after the fireballs dissipate (sprinting away from the Prince is a surefire way to avoid damage). Once staggered, the meteors fall to the ground in front of him and pose no threat.

The homing fireballs alternate when they spout fire, firing a total of eight volleys between them.

The two versions of the Demon Prince have other differences, mostly seen in slight variations of fireball attacks, but these attacks are easily dealt with.

The Demon Prince will become vulnerable to a visceral attack if heavily damaged in a short period of time.

An attempt on youtube that may help:



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