The Nameless King
NG hp.png souls.png
0 4577 -> 7100 80000
1 4582 -> 7108 160000
2 5040 -> 7818 176000
3 5269 -> 8174 180000
4 5498 -> 8529 192000
5 5956 -> 9240 196000
6 6186 -> 9595 200000
7 6415 -> 9951 204000

King of the Storm:

The Nameless King:

  • Weak to Fire.
  • Weak to Dark.
  • Susceptible to staggering.

King of the Storm:

The Nameless King:


King of the Storm:

  • None

The Nameless King:


Theorised by many to be the nameless first-born of Lord Gwyn, he rides the stormdrake he befriended in the Age of Ancients.

General Information

Rumoured to be a forgotten heir, the Nameless King is an optional boss fight. He rides his drake the King of Storm.


Found in Archdragon Peak, near the Great Belfry bonfire. Players must ring the giant bell by pulling the lever in order to activate the boss encounter.


  • Hawkwood the Deserter. His summon sign can be found by leaving the great belfry bonfire and walking towards the circular structure on the floor with the pillars. His sign is to the right of it.



Phase 1

During this phase you will be fighting the King of the Storm, the Nameless King's drake which he rides into battle.

Leap: After a small windup, the drake will leap away to a new position, usually going over the player's head and turning 180 degrees during flight to face the player again. Can be chained into Lightning Smash.
Forward Leaping Thrust: When the player is a certain distance from the drake, the drake will leap forward directly toward the player, and it's rider will execute a powerful thrust on landing.
Lightning Smash: The rider, the Nameless King, will charge his swordspear with lightning before forcefully bringing it down upon the player in front, also causing a small lightning AoE on impact. This move has tracking, and may have something of a lingering hitbox from the lightning.
Vertical Fire Breath: The drake will roar, fly vertically upwards, and hover in the air while breathing fire down below, which spreads in a wide circular AoE.
Fire Breath: Rearing it's head back for a moment, the drake proceeds to breath fire in a wide arc at its front.

Phase 2

During this phase you will fight the Nameless King himself.


The best tactic against the Nameless King is to focus on poise-breaking him. For heavy weapons, such as the Black Knight Greataxe, it requires 4 regular attacks to break him, allowing for a critical attack. The same tactic can also be used with straight swords to great effect. For slow and weak weapons, like rapiers, this tactic could be hard to pull off.

In general, most of his attacks can be dodged fairly easily. The hardest move to dodge is his jump, slam and dash, where he floats in the air, slams down and immediately dashes towards you. To dodge the dash, you need to roll as he slams the ground.

Blocking will work well if you have a shield with high Lightning absorption and high stability, the dragonslayer greatshield is a great example. For builds with lower strength investment, an upgraded Lothric Knight Shield is a good alternative, though you will likely need to use it as an accessory to dodging rather than a replacement.

Ranged combat is also a viable solution as when far away from him he'll slow walk towards the player, only occasionally using abilities, this can be quite useful for a ranged or magic build


  • Can be poise-broken for a critical attack.
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