The Twin Princes
The Twin Princes
The Twin Princes Image
NG HP HP Souls Souls
0 4,294 → 3,436/5,799 85,000
1 4,328 → 3,463/5,845 170,000
2 4,761 → 3,810/6,430 187,000
3 4,978 → 3,983/6,722 191,250
4 5,194 → 4,156/7,014 204,001
5 5,627 → 4,503/7,599 208,250
6 5,843 → 4,676/7,891 212,500
7 6,060 → 4,849/8,183 216,750

Prince Lorian:

Prince Lothric:

  • Weak to Physical
  • Weak to Strike
  • Weak to Slash
  • Weak to Thrust

Prince Lorian:

Prince Lothric:


Prince Lorian:

Prince Lothric:


The two princes rejected their duty to become Lords of Cinder, and settled down far, far away to watch the fire fade from a distance. A curse makes their souls nearly inseparable.

General Information

Prince Lothric is a Lord of Cinder, and is under the protection of his elder brother, Prince Lorian.

This fight is mandatory


Prince Lothric can be found at the end of the Grand Archives, at the top of Lothric Castle. He is protected by his brother Prince Lorian




Phase 1

  • Sword swings
  • Teleport, followed by the exact same sword swings
  • A long line AOE attack prefaced by a long wind-up

Phase 2

  • The same attacks from Phase 1
  • Long range sorcery soul spear
  • Homing Holy Soul Mass
  • If you kill Prince Lorian (sword wielder) before Lothric, Lothric will fall off and ressurect his brother with a miracle, forcing you to kill him again.


This is one of the boss fights where it is exceptionally hard to avoid taking any direct hit. If you come here with a mediocre build, without neither very good survivability nor very good damage output, be prepared for a very tough time. For those who play glass-cannon characters, make sure your damage output is top-notch and that you have plenty of patience. In most cases, however, you want a decent health pool for this fight..

A light-weight and safe approach might look something like this: Black Knight Shield +5; a fast or moderately fast weapon upgraded to +10, maybe infused with Sharp, Refined, fire, or lightning damage - whichever offers the highest damage against the bosses; Flynn's Ring, Chloranthy Ring, Lloyd's Shield Ring.

Whenever Lorian is about to teleport, hold the shield up. Block the incoming attack if it is too fast, but dodge it otherwise. It is definitely safest to always have the shield in one hand, but without all the teleporting, Lorian's attacks are simple and easy to deal with. Most likely you will soon be able to just two-hand your weapon and dodge his regular swings with ease. When he is about to telerport, you can still pull out the shield and have it ready for the next attack. Always try to roll toward him and slightly to the left or right, instead of rolling to the side or backward, so that you will get back up behind him. Staying behind Lorian makes him tend to swing only once, and also allows you to hit Lothric at the same time during the second phase.

Lorian is less likely to teleport if you stick close to him, which makes fighting him easier. It is possible to stagger him, making him vulnerable to a critical attack. If he teleports and you do not see him anywhere for a moment, usually it means he is far away preparing the light-wave attack. If you realize this soon, you will have enough time to perform an action before having to roll. This attack is not hard to dodge, but when it hits, it hits really hard.

During the second phase, Lorian's damage is increased. From time to time, Lothric will either create a number of holy soul mass that will fly to you, or shoot a spear of holy light at you. The holy soul mass spell is almost always accompanied by a teleport attack. Dodge or block one hit, then keep rolling away from the bosses until all of the projectiles are gone. Lothric almost always casts the spear of light after the light-wave attack from Lorian. This tends to catch you off guard because by now you might be used to thinking that it is safe after this attack.

Fighting in melee is an even better idea during the second phase, since you will limit the teleporting as well as Lothric's spellcasting, thus significantly increase your chances. Without Lothric's magic, it is really not different from the first phase. When Lorian is down, try to land a couple hits on Lothric then back away before the explosion is triggered. Move back in for another hit or two, then repeat the process.

The fight ends when Lothric dies, no matter how much health Lorian has.

As far as magic goes, fighting as a spellslinger is not that great of an idea in this particular fight. Firstly, it does not necessarily mean you will have to dodge less, since Lorian can teleport, obviously enough. Not to mention, as you enter the second phase, trying to maintain distance and casting spells will encourage Lothric to spam magic, and this, in turn, leads to more frequent teleport attacks, and you will actually have a tougher time dodging them. Secondly, there is always the risk of getting attacked while you are casting. And lastly, you cannot target Lothric at all as long as Lorian is alive. If you really want to fight using only spells, however, pyromancies are the best choice. Chaos Bed Vestiges and Great Chaos Fire Orb offer very good damage/FP ratios, have short casting time, and require fairly low stat investment (or none at all). Sorceries only work for the first phase of the fight. Lothric is far more resistant to magic than Lorian is, about 45% more or so. It is actually a much better idea to just use whatever staff in your hand as a melee weapon and go in for some rough-and-tumble. Being without armor, Lothric is vulnerable to physical damage.

If you can survive the first phase, you can cheese the second phase.


  • The HP in the infobox is for Prince Lorian in Phase 1, then Prince Lorian/Prince Lothric in Phase 2.


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