Yhorm the Giant
Yhorm the Giant
Yhorm the Giant Image
NG HP HP Souls Souls
0 27,822 36,000
1 41,149 108,000
2 45,264 118,801
3 47,322 121,500
4 49,379 129,601
5 53,494 132,300
6 55,552 135,000
7 57,609 137,700
  • Weak to the Storm Ruler's Storm King Skill.
  • Weak to Lightning damage.
  • Weak against attacks to his arms and torso.
  • Very weak against attacks on his head.
  • Resistant to Slash.
  • Resistant to Thrust.

This boss has different resistances depending on where you hit it.



"…the reclusive lord of the profaned capital, Yhorm the Giant"


Lonely Yhorm is the descendant of an ancient conqueror, but was asked by the very people once subjugated to lead them, serving as both a weighty blade and a stone-hard shield.

— Description of Soul of Yhorm the Giant

General Information

Yhorm the Giant is one of the Lord of Cinders.

This fight is mandatory.


Found at the end of the Profaned Capital, accessible through Irithyll Dungeon.


  • No phantoms.
  • Siegward of Catarina will automatically join you if you have progressed his questline to this stage.
    • Be warned, he is not a phantom and may die before beating Yhorm. If this happens he cannot help you again.



Both Phases

  • Overhead Smash
    • Brings his machete down from above in a vertical manner.
  • Pulverize
    • Having brought down his machete, he will use it pulverize anything nearby.
  • Kneeling Smash
    • When the player is beneath him, he will kneel down and smash his machete directly in front of him.
  • Swipe
    • After recovering from being poise-broken, he will swipe directly behind him if the player is standing there.

Phase Two

  • Battle Cry
    • He will cry out and taken on his embered form once at 50% or lower health.
    • His attacks gain Fire damage.
  • Leaping Punch
    • He will leap forward and punch. This tends to be used to catch the player off guard.


Storm Ruler

The easiest method for killing Yhorm is to use the Storm Ruler's weapon skill. To do so, you need to hold down the weapon skill button until the storm effect pulsates, indicating that a storm bolt can be unleashed. Press the weapon skill button and the regular attack button to shoot the storm bolt at Yhorm, dealing massive damage.

The Storm Ruler itself is found on the altar behind Yhorm when you enter his boss room.

If you have finished Siegward of Catarina's questline before you engage Yhorm, he will join the fight with his own Storm Ruler, making the fight even easier.

No Storm Ruler

Yhorm staggers upon taking hits on his machete arm or head- at the end of a series of swipes or his singular downward smash, you can easily hit these targets. Running between Yhorm's legs and backing out is an effective way to make him continually do his downward smash, which is perfect for landing hits on the head.


  • The weakness to the Storm Ruler is a mechanic and concept borrowed from the Storm King boss fight from Demon's Souls.
  • Fire damage does not have any effect on Yhorm.


* Tested with 400 pure attack rating of this type on NG+7


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