Icon Name Damage Skill Durability Weight Requirements
Availability Reinforcement Material Special Note
Black-Bow-of-Pharis.png Black Bow of Pharis 67/0/0/0/0
63 Range
Pharis Triple-Shot 65 3.0 9/18/0/0
Elder Ghru drop. Regular
Composite-Bow.png Composite Bow 73/0/0/0/0
42 Range
Rapid Fire 65 3.5 12/12/0/0
Sold with Dreamchaser's Ashes. Regular Rolling/Running Attacks
Darkmoon-Longbow.png Darkmoon Longbow 36/44/0/0/0
50 Range
Darkmoon Arrow 50 4.5 7/16/10/0
Transposed from Soul of Aldrich. Boss
Dragonrider-Bow.png Dragonrider Bow 110/0/0/0/0
50 Range
Puncture 75 6.5 19/15/0/0
Smouldering Lake treasure. Boss
Long-Bow.png Longbow 82/0/0/0/0
50 Range
Puncture 50 4.0 9/14/0/0
High Wall of Lothric treasure.
Skeleton (Swordsman) drop.
Short-Bow.png Short Bow 77/0/0/0/0
42 Range
Rapid Fire 40 2.0 7/12/0/0
Thief starting weapon.
Sold by Greirat.
Regular Rolling/Running Attacks
white_birch_bow.png White Birch Bow
49 Range
Unseen Arrow 50 2.5 8/20/0/0
The Ringed City treasure. Unique Rolling/Running Attacks
  • When wielding a weapon with two hands, Strength is multiplied by 1.5x for meeting requirements and Scaling damage.
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