Brigand Gauntlets


Gauntlets from a foreign land.
Probably belonged to a brigand who met his match.

In foreign lands, undead were banished to send a message to populace, and when the message was not heard, they banished the living, too.


Found in a cave after the woman who wields the Butcher Knife on the Road of Sacrifices.


Part of the Brigand Set

poise.png 1.3 sell_price.png 100
durability.png 280 weight.png 2.4
Physical Defence Elemental Defence
physical_weap_defence.png 2.5 magic_weap_defence.png 1.9
physical_vs_strike.png 2.3 fire_weap_defence.png 2.1
physical_vs_slash.png 2.5 lightning_weap_defence.png 2.3
physical_vs_thrust.png 2.5 dark_weap_defence.jpg 1.9
Requirements Resistance
strength.png - poison_resist.png 20
dexterity.png - bleed_resist.png 14
intelligence.png - frost_resist.png 19
faith.png - curse_resist.png 14
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