Clandestine Coat


Traditional coat of the Vinheim Dragon School.

Normally a deep blue color, this black variation is a sign of a sorcerer engaged in surreptitious work.

These were covert agents who excelled at manipulating sound.


Sold by Shrine Handmaid for 4000 Souls after killing Orbeck of Vinheim.

poise.png 36 sell_price.png 100
durability.png 210 weight.png 3.0
Physical Defence Elemental Defence
physical_weap_defence.png 4.2 magic_weap_defence.png 13.5
physical_vs_strike.png 4.2 fire_weap_defence.png 12.9
physical_vs_slash.png 4.2 lightning_weap_defence.png 13.1
physical_vs_thrust.png 3.6 dark_weap_defence.jpg 13.5
Requirements Resistance
strength.png - poison_resist.png 36
dexterity.png - bleed_resist.png 25
intelligence.png - frost_resist.png 30
faith.png - curse_resist.png 65
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