Cleric Image
Starting Stats
Level Level 7
Vigor 10 Vig. Attunement 14 Att.
Endurance 9 End. Vitality 7 Vit.
Strength 12 Str. Dexterity 8 Dex.
Intelligence 7 Int. Faith 16 Fth.
Luck 13 Luck Total Points 96 Total


A traveling cleric who collapsed from exhaustion. Channels high faith to cast many and varied miracles.

Starting Equipment


  • Highest starting Faith.


Shame on you, you rotten cleric/nun.
Thought you could outwit an onion?
Well, say hello to the nice giant! He adores visitors.

Unbreakable Patches in the Cathedral of the Deep, if the player chose Cleric

Have no fear, there's beauty in death.
Besides, you're surrounded by ladies. Every rotten cleric's dream, right?

Unbreakable Patches in Firelink Shrine, if the player chose a male Cleric


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