Coals can be given to Blacksmith Andre to unlock new weapon infusions.

List of Coals

Key Item Usage Availability
Farron Coal

Unlocks Infusion with Heavy Gems, Sharp Gems and Poison Gems.

On the Road of Sacrifices, in the building right above the Farron Keep Bonfire, guarded by a Black Knight.

Giant's Coal

Unlocks Infusion with Lightning Gems, Simple Gems and Chaos Gems.

In Anor Londo, on the corpse of the Giant Blacksmith.

Profaned Coal

Unlocks Infusion with Dark Gems, Blood Gems and Hollow Gems.

In Irithyll Dungeon, inside a cell on the lower levels, guarded by several Wretches.

Sage's Coal

Unlocks Infusion with Crystal Gems, Blessed Gems and Deep Gems.

In Farron Keep, inside a small structure guarded by a Darkwraith.


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