Action PlayStation 4 Xbox One PC
Movement Left analogue stick Left analogue stick W, A, S, D
Camera Right analog stick Right analog stick Mouse
Action / Talk X A E
Sprint / Roll / Back step / Back O B Spacebar, Q (menu back/cancel)
Use Item X R
Attack (right hand) R1 RB Left Click
Strong attack (right hand) R2 RT Shift + left click
Attack (left hand) L1 LB Right click
Strong attack (left hand) L2 LT Shift + right click or Left ctrl
Two-hand weapon Δ Y F
Open Menu Options or R TP Esc
Open gesture menu L TP Back G
Kick Tap the left control stick forward and R1 at the same time. Tap the left control stick forward and RB at the same time. W + Left click (tap both)
Jump attack While running by holding O, tap R2. While running by holding B, tap RT. Shift (hold) + W and left click (tap both)
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