Dark Stoneplate Ring


Stoneplates are symbols of true knights, and dark purple stoneplates are granted to Undead knights.

Increases dark damage absorption.


Increases Dark damage absorption by 13 (+0)

Increases Dark damage absorption by 17 (+1)

Increases Dark damage absorption by 20 (+2)


  • NG +1: Lothric Castle treasure, next to the white Lothric Wyvern. From the Dragonslayer Armor bonfire, turn back and stick to the right until you find an opening on the railing. Drop down and access a room. The ring will be on a corpse outside of this room. (+1)
  • NG +2: Farron Keep treasure: From the Keep Ruins bonfire, look behind the building beyond the three Ghrus on the bridge (+2)


Decreases in effectiveness the higher your absorption already is.

weight.png 0.6
sell_price.png 100
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