Deep Ring


A ring bestowed upon the Deacons of the Cathedral of the Deep. Allows attunement of additional spells.

In the Cathedral slumber things most terrible, and as such, the deacons require a grand narrative, to ensure they do not falter in their duty. A philosophy, to ward away the madness beckoned by the grotesqueries at hand.


Grants 1 additional attunement slot


Dropped by a Deacon of the Deep found in a tower accessible by a lift in the Cathedral of the Deep.

To reach it, go to the Cleansing Chapel bonfire. Walk through the shortcut door to the back of the room (having opened it previously) and head immediately to the left on to the lift.

You will enter a room with a Cathedral Grave Warden wielding a crossbow. Kill it and proceed outside and to the left, hugging the wall. You will find a ladder, climb it and kill the Deacon of the Deep for the ring.

weight.png 0.5
sell_price.png 1000
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