King of the Storm
King of the Storm
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NG HP HP Souls Souls
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General Information

An optional boss, King of the Storm is mounted by The Nameless King. After dying, the player will fight him.


He is found at the end of Archdragon Peak. He is summoned through the use of the Great Bell, which causes a storm to appear across the area, lasting until he is defeated.


  • None



Upon entering his cloud arena, he will fly in on the King of the Storm, who you will need to defeat before attacking the Nameless King himself.

The best tactic for melee against the King of the Storm is to focus on poise-breaking him. For heavy weapons, such as the Black Knight Greataxe, it requires 3 regular attacks to break him, allowing for a critical attack. The same tactic can also be used with straight swords to great effect. For slow and weak weapons, like repears, this tactic could be hard to pull off. The easiest time to attempt this is immediately after he has landed and his head is low to the ground.

For those with ranged attack options, simply firing at the King of the Storm during openings will make this phase very easy.

To combat the camera confusion during this phase, lock on to the Nameless King atop of the King of the Storm. During the flight segments, distance yourself from the King of the Storm so your lock-on does not break.

If you stay beneath the King of the Storm too much, he will use a flame breath attack, where he will fly up and launch his breath straight down and outwards. The easiest method to avoid this is to ensure you see where the King of the Storm flies up to and run the exact opposite direction.


  • Will respawn if you die in phase 2.
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