Endurance Icon Endurance is a primary attribute that controls the maximum Stamina, as well as Bleed and Lightning resistances.

In-game Description

Attribute governing stamina.
Also governs resistance to lightning and bleeding.


Stamina per point has a gradual increase from 20 to 40, with severe diminishing returns above 40.

Endurance Stamina Lightning Defense Bleed Resistance
11 95 86 162
15 102 90 163
20 112 96 164
25 122 101 165
30 134 106 166
35 146 118 182
40 160 130 198
45 160 140 201
50 161 149 205

Equipment Modifiers

The only item that modifies Endurance directly is the Prisoner's Chain ring which increases Endurance 5 (as well as Vigor and Vitality), but comes at the cost of 4% extra damage taken.


  • As of 1.03, this table is misleading. Bleed Resistance is primarily determined by the character Level and secondarily by Endurance when Endurance is above 30. Lightning Defense is determined jointly by the character Level and the Endurance, so a higher level character with a given Endurance will have greater Lightning Defense than a lower level character with the same Endurance.


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