Enemy Infobox Backend
NG hp.png HP souls.png Souls
0 {$hp_ng0} {$souls_ng0}
1 {$hp_ng1} {$souls_ng1}
2 {$hp_ng2} {$souls_ng2}
3 {$hp_ng3} {$souls_ng3}
4 {$hp_ng4} {$souls_ng4}
5 {$hp_ng5} {$souls_ng5}
6 {$hp_ng6} {$souls_ng6}
7 {$hp_ng7} {$souls_ng7}
Physical weaknesses
physical-def.png Standard {$standard_weakness}
strike-def.png Strike {$strike_weakness}
slash-def.png Slash {$slash_weakness}
thrust-def.png Thrust {$thrust_weakness}
Elemental weaknesses
magic-def.png Magic {$magic_weakness}
fire-def.png Fire {$fire_weakness}
lightning-def.png Lightning {$lightning_weakness}
dark-def.png Dark {$dark_weakness}
bleed.png Bleed {$bleed_immunity}
poison.png Poison {$poison_immunity}
frost.png Frost {$frost_immunity}
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