Gertrude's Knight
Gertrude's Knight
NG hp.png HP poise.png Poise souls.png Souls
0 2,420 85.00 13,000
1 2,439 85.00 26,000
2 2,683 89.47 28,600
3 2,805 94.44 29,250
4 2,927 100.00 31,200
5 3,171 106.25 31,850
6 3,293 121.42 32,500
7 3,415 141.66 33,150
Physical Absorption
physical-def.png Standard 23%
strike-def.png Strike 36%
slash-def.png Slash 26%
thrust-def.png Thrust 8%
Elemental Absorption
magic-def.png Magic 12%
fire-def.png Fire 18%
lightning-def.png Lightning 15%
dark-def.png Dark -40%
bleed.png Bleed Susceptible
poison.png Poison Susceptible
frost.png Frost Susceptible


… Winged Knights who swore themselves to the Angels.

— Description of the Winged Knight Set

The Queen's holy maiden Gertrude was visited by an angel, who revealed this tale to her.

Despite losing both her sight and her voice, she was determined to record the tale. Ordinary men cannot decipher her fragmentary scrawl, nor comprehend how it became the foundation of the Angelic faith of Lothric.

— Description of the Divine Pillars of Light


Found on the rooftops at the top of the Grand Archives, just before Lothric, Younger Prince and Lorian, Elder Prince.

Item Drops



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